About Us

Our mission is to enhance our client’s skill-sets via instruction and training in the areas of: Business, Health & Wellness, and Youth Development.

Rose Garden Instruction & Training, LLC is owned and operated by Nik Ridley and Camille Rose Marie, combining over 30 years of experience in the areas of: Business, Health & Wellness, and Youth Development.

Our goal is to provide excellent, cost-effective instruction and training to the general public and business professionals alike. We believe that the entrepreneurial spirit is the backbone of America, and the importance of having skilled professionals is key in maintaining a competitive edge.

Founders Nik Ridley and Camille Rose Marie bring over 30 years of experience as it relates to Business and Education, both proving their commitment to the community and enterprise.

Features & Benefits
Courses are designed to maximize both time and practicality – ensuring that we provide “Real-World,” instruction that can be utilized in “Real-Time.” We want you to hit the ground running, which requires a clear, concise and easy learning system.

Our Competitive Edge

We offer longer courses, in terms of actual duration and length.

We have a 12-person limit per class per course, which allows us to offer individualized attention.

Our courses are highly focused in the areas of Business, Health & Wellness, and Youth Development. Furthermore, our instruction is “vocational” in nature, as compared to being theoretical. In short, we offer “Turn-Key” solutions.

Pound for pound, hour for hour, we offer more affordable instruction and training. We keep our overhead low via strategic partnerships, passing the savings to you.

Our courses are taught by Nik Ridley and Camille Rose Marie, providing a consistent, streamlined learning experience.


As a business owner, you are pressed for time, and on occasion could use some short-time assistance without the hassle of identifying and recruiting a qualified candidate. We can fill that gap with our Professional Contract Services.

In essence, we provide hands-on help for short-term assignments and projects. Our contracting process is simple and entirely online – freeing you up to run your business. Whether for one week or three months, we can help. Call: (720) 257-9812, or contact us via our Contact Form for more information.

List of business services we provide:

Project Management
Event Production
Account Management

Customer Service Management
File Management & Archiving (Digital & Hardcopy)
Inventory Management
Office Management

Do you represent a Human Services agency? A school or community center? We can assist you in the areas of:

Curriculum Development
Program Development
Project Management
Music & Art Programming



  • Math
  • Science
  • Computer/IT
  • Engineering
  • Entrepreneurship


  • Peer Support
  • Job Readiness (Portfolio, Cover Letter creation, Resume writing, & Interviewing techniques)
  • College Prep (Scholarship search, College Identification, Financial Aid, Applications, & SAT & ACT Tutoring)
  • Outdoor Exploration (Gardening, Hiking, & Backpacking)
  • Civic learning (field trips to community and government facilities – includes research)


  • Writing
  • Fashion
  • Creative Writing & Spoken word
  • Graphic design
  • Drawing/Illustration
  • Theater
  • Photography

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